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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Government cracks down

Two weeks ago I was proud of the Iranian government for giving certain freedoms to their citizens. And now I have nothing to say to them. I search for words but I feel empty. How can I say anything good when there is nothing good to be said? Everywhere I turn I see policemen beating those who are frail. Everywhere I look, I see pools of blood. Every noise I hear is a scream of a peaceful protester being dragged out of his or her home, beaten and then thrown in jail.

CNN today reported 400 parents showed up in Iran at court asking after the health of their children and they were told to come back a month later. I watched an Iranian woman get shot today. Her eyes slowly drifted away and in seconds her body gave up. Where is the mercy? How can they kill so many innocent people? It takes special people to kill – the kind with no hearts.

They are peaceful protesters with no weapons. Guards in plain clothes go after them as if they are hunting for their next meal. They beat them with heavy sticks and drag their bodies against the grave. The helicopters flying above the crowds spray acid on the protesters. Their bodies burn with pain and yet they continue with their march toward freedom. I will never forget the events of the past 8 days and the days to come. The images of the dead and tortured will be branded in my memory for as long as I am alive and as each day passes, I find it harder and harder to smile.

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