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Monday, April 4, 2011

Unusual Events

Well, I haven’t blogged in ages. Why? Because writers are emotional creatures. And if you are a Cancer sign like me, you know exactly what it’s like when you get hurt badly by someone you love and you go hiding in your shell for a longtime. But I’m not even going to go there. Not ready to talk about it. They say life’s an adventure. The dictionary explains adventure as an unusual or exciting experience and I must say, mine has been more unusual lately and much much less exciting.

My mom has been taking a turn for the worse for the past month. It’ been so difficult to handle it after all the effort I have been putting in and after all that I had to give-up in my life so that I could make a difference in hers. She was a little better today which made me happy. But then, my few minutes of contentment disappeared when I realized there’s a rat in house. Yes, a rat. And I don’t mean a despicable person one would want to kick out but a real live rat.

About 5 days ago, I noticed there was a tear in the plastic bag that holds my oatmeal. At first I thought that perhaps the plastic caught on something and tore. So, I didn’t think much of it. Then a few days ago when I was putting away some groceries, I noticed some black stuff on the floor which I thought were debris from the fruits. So, I cleaned it up and threw it in the trash. Today, I went to grab a bag of oatmeal and all the oatmeal poured to the floor. There was now a huge tear in the new bag of oatmeal. And that’s when I connected the dots, especially when I noticed that there was more black stuff on the floor.

Upon closer look, I realized the black stuff were rat droppings. Scared, I grabbed a vacuum cleaner and cleared the carpet, only to find that the rodent or the rodents had peed on the carpet, marking their territory. So, tomorrow I have to call the pest control and ask them what to do. And no, I do not want those sticky things that people put around to catch the rat. I do not want to torture any creature. I’m hoping that now that I have removed all traces of oatmeal, the rat would find it’s own way back into the yard and let me be. I do not like to kill anything, not even a cockroach.

So, there it is – my life lately is definitely not exciting but is rather comprised of series of unexpected, unwanted and unusual experiences. Perhaps this is the path I’m supposed to follow. I have no idea where it’s leading but it sure hasn’t been a fun journey. Well, I take that back. When I was at the hospital in Mexico with my mom, I met a great bunch of cancer patients and the friends they had brought along. And I want to write a book about mine and my mom’s experience there and what followed after but thing just keep going wrong one after another. My days and nights are filled with continuous interruptions and lack of sleep.

And I know there are many people in this world with much bigger problems but as a friend of mine once said to me, your problems are your problems, don’t compare them to those of others; except though, I don’t want to feel like I’m a victim. I want to try to make things better. I just haven’t yet found a solution.

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