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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Nowruz

I am not able to celebrate Persian New Year aka Nowruz with my family this year because I'm taking care of my dad who is visiting from Iran and has the flu. But no worries.  Nowruz lasts 13 days and I have plenty of time to enjoy it. 

Persian new year reminds me of brand new clothes - velvet dress, lace pantyhose that itched my legs and shiny patent leather shoes that my mother bought me every year. It reminds me of the lovely aroma of Haycinth, the beauty of tulips, gold fish, colored eggs and yummy sweets.

There are so many traditions connected with  Nowruz that I could  easily write an entire book about it.  So, I will not try to tackle it in my blog except to say that Persian New Year has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with giving gifts to children and young adults, dancing, singing, laughing and eating with family and friends. 

So, here are some photos reminiscence of my childhood years and a brief video about this 3000-year-old celebration. Happy Nowruz to everyone.  

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