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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

United States, a symbol of hope

For me, the United States has always been a symbol of hope, freedom and being able to make your destiny but now I am so worried that soon we will lose all of our liberties. Many mistakes have been made since the cold war which has shaken our roots. Because of threat of communism, our government decided to make significant changes in the middle-east without thinking about the major side-effects this would bring. Iran’s democratic government was overthrown in favor of the Shah and Shah was removed in favor of the Islamic Republic. The Talibans were trained by the CIA to fight the threat of the Russian communism. And soon fundamentalism everywhere spread like the impossible weed. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Religion is not the problem but fundamentalism in any religion has always imposed itself on the mass population.

Add to this a handful of major players who own our banking and food system, drug and insurance companies, and real-estate. They have managed to take away the power of decision-making from people and put it in the hands of special interest groups. During the Bush administration era, these groups gained tremendous influences which today are contributing to the destruction of the U.S economy. And then there is the threat of North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and some Arab states which makes up for a dangerous formula.

Currently we have a massive debt that’s multiplying daily, banks and corporations that are going bankrupt, unemployment, the housing crash, health insurance issues and the threat of terrorism. I do not know how we are going to pull out of it but I can’t help thinking what if Woodrow Wilson never gave the control of our currency to private bankers. What if our government had faith in middle-eastern countries to fight communism on their own. What if Western countries never tried to make regime changes or take away the rights of the middle-eastern population because of oil. I know it’s useless to look back and wonder about all the what ifs, but looking forward doesn’t look hopeful either. I sure hate to see the last country in the world which in comparison to the rest gives many liberties to their citizens go down history.

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