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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I hate paperwork

I’m lazy today. Got up late, had breakfast, read for awhile and now I’m drinking a hot cup of fair-trade organic Sumatra. My work area overlooks a yard covered with a combination of soil and red bricks and bordered with green shrubbery. In the center there’s what used to be a rectangular fountain but it no longer works. There’s no water in it and yet it has that old-fashioned rustic feel surrounded by green plants and several huge pots of pink and yellow Orchids. My room is rarely neat. I try but it seems to enjoy pulling me back to the way it once was – chaotic, eclectic and a mish mush of stuff piling peacefully here and there in harmony.

It’s a funky day here – the sky is filled with I don’t know what and the sun can’t quite makeup its mind as it comes and goes. I have paperwork to do but am procrastinating. It all becomes so extremely overwhelming because there’s so much of it. Sometimes, I want to shred everything and live somewhere where there’s no need for paper. Oh and did I forget to mention the massive junk that comes into my mail box and no I’m not referring to email box ’cause that’s a whole different monster in itself. I suppose these issues are tiny nuances compared to the many difficulties people face all over the world but today for some reason or another they’re bugging me and I thought I throw that in the air and share it with whoever stops by my blog.

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