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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The preplanned revolutions of the middle-east and the end of democracy

One would have to be incredibly naïve to believe that the protests in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Jordan are mainly due to economy and “people power,” and the trickle effect of “oh it all started with the Tunisian and now other middle-eastern countries are following suit.” Of course, I was once part of the naïve crowd who believed in the power of people but as I see with my own eyes that the last of the last democracies crumpling in the United Corporate of America, I make myself sit back, analyze and question all the information presented by the media.

Today, revolutions are pre-planned. Georgia's rose revolution and Ukraine's orange revolution was organized by a billionaire living in the U.S. Chaos is created, dictators are removed and installed, religious governments are supported and highly tolerated and democracy has lost its meaning and value. You don’t believe me? Here are a few examples. Americans did not want a war in Iraq. Americans want out of Afghanistan. Majority of Americans are against America’s support of the settlements in Israel. Americans hate Monsanto because Monsanto is corrupt. They want the Fed to be audited because the fed is not “federal.” They are bunch of foreign bankers who don’t give a s--- about anything except their pockets. But none of these matter. Because America is no longer a government by the people for the people. 

I find it Ironic when Obama, Hilary, Kerry and Merkel tell Egypt not to harm protesters when at the 2009 G20 Summit in pittsburgh, American police attacked and harmed the protesters.

So, getting back to what’s going on in the middle-east. There are several things that will happen in Tunisia, Egypt and wherever else these revolutions are preplanned.

1. These countries will be left in chaos or

2. A military state will be formed or

3. Another dictator controlled by the powerful forces will be installed or

4. An Islamic government will be formed, but

5. True democracy will not take place.

Below are some links to open up your minds to see these revolutions for what they truly are – a creation of those behind the scene who will benefit immensely from people’s sufferings. And please be smart and do not point the fingers just at the U.S. Those who control our world today come from all walks of life and they dictate how things should run. They come from many nations and not just one nation! From north to south and east to west, many leaders are under their control and are told what to say and do. Right now, the average person does not know which direction Tunisia and Egypt (and perhaps Yemen and Jordan) will go, but those who instigated these revolutions have a precise plan for these countries and those plans do not include democracy. 

What's Next for Tunisia? (we don't know but they sure do)

President Obama, say the 'D-Word'(say what? We're even starting to lose the "illusion" of democracy in America. What makes you think you will have it better?)

GOP pushing for ISPs to record user data (what happened to the Constitution?)

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