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Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Ultra Orthodox Jewish wedding

Photo by: magnetStreet

The headlines read, “Incredible wedding,” “25,000 guests,” and blah blah blah… But is it a woman or a man underneath the white shroud? I guess we’ll never know for sure because the person is covered up and resembles a ghost.

The first time I glanced at this big to do wedding, my first thoughts were oh, another fundamentalist Muslim wedding. But oh no…upon closer look, I realized it was an orthodox Jewish wedding. What a blow to women everywhere. I’m sorry, but all religions need to move forward with the times and stop annihilating women’s identities. 

It is so stupid to brainwash women into agreeing to cover up like that. Yes, at some point, she'll remove her veil, but she'd always have to hide her hair. Ironically, before all this big to do, people couldn’t care less about what the bride looked like. Now people are more curious to see what’s underneath the shroud. Even UK's Daily Mail went as far as blowing up a photo of her side view, showing her skin rash/pimples and all. Gee Wiz....

And you can tell that she is not all that happy or is it that she's tired? Hard to tell. Her shoulders are hunched, her head is drooping and tilted to the side and from what glimpse the daily Mail gave us, there's no smile or luster on her face. Aren't weddings supposed to be a happy occasion for the bride as well?
To top it all off, the poor young girl is surrounded by thousands of men who are staring at her as they would an ornament. How freaky is that?  I’m not a feminist, but when I see ridiculous ideology dictated by a bunch of fundamentalist men, it makes me upset. Yes, a woman got married today, but the manner in which she was married is truly disgraceful to women everywhere. If I were her, I’d be crying my eyes out for losing all dignity and becoming nothing but a piece of flesh forced to do as I'm told told because of illogical traditions. I hope that someday she will fight back and go live a free life, the way her life is meant to be lived.

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