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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues – many people have them. I used to have it too when I was a kid, but as I got older, I found myself so busy that I actually looked forward to Sundays. But nevertheless, If you live in L.A and find yourself with Sunday Blues, here is the perfect fun thing to do: go to Highland & Hollywood Blvd., park at the Kodak Theater aka Dolby Theater and take a long stroll.

Once you step outside, the energy of the crowd is invigorating.There is a potluck of locals and tourists, young and old, families and singles, actors in costumes – Batman, Yoda, Michael Jackson, Superman and so on, taking photos with fans and receiving tips in exchange.

There are lots of colorful lights, interesting buildings, shops with knick knacks and memorabilia of the old Hollywood. Below are more photos. I didn’t go there because I had the Sunday Blues, but because I had plans to hang out with a friend. 

It felt good to whip my camera out of my purse and act like a tourist. I even pretended to be a southerner, but my English/Australian/New Zealand accent gave me away (don’t ask!).

This Store is called Sweet! filled with regular and unusual candies, T-Shirts, Key Chains and etc. It's a fun store to check out.

This is the section where all the disgusting candies and gadgets are located such as Toxic Waste, Zombie Feet and Booger.
Want to customize your candy for that special B-day pal? Check out Sticky.


Yet another section to make a candy bar. My young niece would have a feast here :)

El Capitan, one of my favorite movie theaters. Sometimes they have a before movie performance which is quite good. 
Hollywood Walk of Fame. My favorite: Billy Crystal. He is so funny.

The first time I ate at the Hard Rock café was in London. I remember thinking how awesome. At the time, we didn’t have one in L.A.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre with celebrity hand and foot prints and signatures. I was here last week to see Gravity in 3D.

This one reminds of the hilarious I love Lucy episode when she got caught stealing John Wayne's foot prints.

Sausage vendor. I’m vegetarian, but it did smell good to my friend who is a carnivore.

Kind of like the Oscars? Well, yes and no. People are not as glamorous ;-)


Chado tea room. Must try it on my next visit. I heard so much about it. But I want to first try the one in Pasadena.

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