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Friday, November 15, 2013

Art Walk L.A

Art Walk Downtown L.A is not to be missed. It happens every 2nd Thursday of the month and the crowd is young, fun, hip and polite. If they bump into you by accident, they give you a sincere apology.
There is lot of action from urban and contemporary art galleries to street art to clothes and jewelry designers to street musician.

Below are a sample of clothes, jewelry and purses at the Los angeles theater center.

The Looksy school bus on tour selling hats, jewelry and purses.

Street Musicians with decent music.

At the Tod Lychkoff exhibit, the work started from $5,500 and up.
The problem with some of these artists is that they have little online presence. So, when you get back to learn more about them, they almost seem like a phantom.

The above artist was kind enough to let me take some photos.

Had a hard time taking a photo as there were too many people hovering around her. Again same issue, hard to get more info. The only online presence is Urban Modernism on Facebook or email UrbanModernism [at] gmail [dot] com.

Loved his dog. It was the cutest thing as onlookers gathered to take photos and talk with the owner.

Plenty of eateries and clubs here from posh to moderately priced and don’t forget the many food trucks. This above photo was a last minute one from the car. Yeah I know; it’s blury. It was where all the food trucks were gathered.

Many shops have their doors open offering anything for sample dance classes to organic skin care. My favorite was watching the dance class at the Love Dance studio. Reminded me of the time when I used to take modern, hip hop and jazz. Of course, I used to take my classes from Crème de la Crème instructors with news cameras everywhere filming teachers and students where competition was fierce as everyone shoved and pushed to get the person next to them out of the way. Yes, good times that although fun, I no longer miss. But this dance studio looked much friendlier than the ones I used to attend.

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