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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Urth Caffe Downtown

So besides walking around the limited area that I know in downtown, a friend of mine suggested that we go to the Urth caffe. Now I'm quite familiar with this place on Melrose with the many directors, producers, writers and celebrities who stop by to schmooze and relax, but I had never been to the one in downtown.

Urth Caffe Downtown is interesting. Of course my brother always makes fun of me when I say interesting. He says okay, whenever you don't like something, you say it's interesting. That is so not true, I often protest. Interesting simply means that it's a different and new experience for me and in time, I may like it or not like it, but I don't want to make a quick judgment without trying it out a bunch of times. And by the way, the interesting has now turned into, I love it. I'm glad I gave it a chance.
The first time my friend drove from one street to another. We passed through not so likeable areas into areas where people lived in warehouses. I looked with wide eyes, thinking that can't be safe. We also saw business warehouses inside of each were probably fish, meat, clothes and other stuff kept to be sold wholesale. The area reminded me of the scene in the movie Rocky where Sylvester Stallone would go into a warehouse to punch the meat. Anyhow, my friend then turned into 5th street and into an alley as I looked around with apprehension. He parked in front of some warehouse as I watched like a tourist, noticing a nice brand new apartment building across the street with a parking lot next to it. I saw police cars driving around and a security guard stood in front of the Urth caffe.
To most people, it's strange to see police and security guards around. It's usually an indication that something is wrong. But this Urth cafe was no different than the Urth caffe on Melrose -- there is a lot of security there as well. I'm thinking perhaps a lot of important people patron it and they need protection. Once we sat down, I didn't give it much thought. I felt very safe and liked the crowd. Here are some more photos. The first two are pix of people I do not know.
  My friend was starving here. I told him don't touch your food. I want to take a photo. He said hurry up then; I'm famished.
By the time i got to take a picture of our desert, he had already taken a bite out of his. He's like a kid who can't control himself. geeze....


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