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Thursday, May 25, 2023

A Tribute to Tina Turner 



I was 22 when I lived in Paris, and I was deeply homesick. I asked my brother to mail me the Best of Tina Turner. He did along with a bunch of American goodies, and a loaf of my favorite Rye bread! 

Boy, I remember listening to Tina's songs in my apartment and dancing to it. It saved me. It's interesting how the people we may never meet in our lifetime can touch us and help us get through the day. I’m saddened to hear of her passing. I was a big fan and always be. R.I.P. Tina.



Friday, May 12, 2023

11th Annual Empty the Tanks Event


Just like us, all species want to be free. When we purchase tickets to aquariums, to swim with the dolphins, and to water parks or zoos, we are supporting venues that condemn creatures to a life in prison. The definition for a civilized society does not stop at human rights, but rather, it applies to the rights of all life-forms. 


Show dolphins, for example, are torn away from their families and their families are brutally slaughtered. They are kept in small tanks and starved until they learn a trick. Oftentimes, they bang their heads against the concrete walls where they are kept. So, before we ooh and aah when watching these silly shows, we must consider the inhumane way they are treated.

This weekend, May 13 and 14, is the 11th Annual Empty the Tanks Worldwide Event. People from all over the globe will say no to the dolphin show, and protest aquariums and the captivity industry. Here is an EVENT MAP to find an Empty the Tanks Worldwide Event near you. If you are unable to attend a public event, you can still participate by making a poster, or download one from HERE and post it to your social media, using the hashtags #SelfieForCetaceans and #EmptyTheTanks.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Takashita dori, Harajuku

Here are pictures of the places that I talk about in my book. Takashita dori, a crowded street in Harajuku, caters to the younger generation. In order to break away from everyday life, and show off their individuality, and fashion sense, young Japanese dress in funky clothes.

This is Purikura, a photo sticker booth. It’s a fun place to take pictures and add characters and stickers to your photo.

The inside of what it looks like.

Here are some pictures I took with Mari. Obviously, I don’t look anything like this, but you can see how you can change your features and make yourself look different. The buttons to make the changes were in Japanese. Mari did all the modifications.

And just for fun, here is what happens when you’re stuck in a crowd.