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Friday, February 7, 2014

Cross Roads Kitchen on Melrose

We ate at Tal Ronnen’s Cross Roads Kitchen during the dine L.A week and oh yes, it is vegan and yum. As usual we ordered too much food and were really stuffed, but we blamed it on the dine L.A week with the prix fixe menu. I think one order of the prix fixe would have been plenty for two people or even just ordering à la carte.
When we got there, there were paparazzi with their mega cameras hanging outside the restaurant. No idea who they were waiting for because when we walked in, the lights were dim and we didn’t recognize any famous faces. But then again, we were there to ooh and aah over the chef’s creation and the ambience and not over who is who.
So, this is how I would rate this place – great gourmet vegan food. Good service, but get there before 9 p.m. or you will find that the waiter keeps coming back and saying sorry, we’re out of this or that. Here are some more photos…
An overpriced cognac aged 5 years. I ordered it ‘cause I had a cold and was losing my voice. It helped temporarily.
Morning Glory Fiz – scotch with lemon/lime
Lentil flatbread with leek pâté and baba ghanosh, Lentil Soup and delicious Cauliflower Bisque
Spicy Moroccan Heirloom Carrots and young Kale Ceaser Salad (my favorite)
Scaloppini Moutarde tastes like veal, but no worries, it is vegan

Carrot Cake Ice cream and Lemon Cake, both tasted meh… I would skip desert and go to Lady M. instead if you’re vegetarian or to Café Gratitude, if you’re vegan.

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